Healing and blooming.

Oh you sad sad girl,

With a face lit like a star and eyes dark as the sky.

You hope has hovered

And i understand why.

All you think about is how everything in this world is surely a lie.

But let me tell you something my little girl,

Do you see those flowers in the gardens?

See how they bloom through rain and sun,

See how they grow beautifully from mud.

See how those grown ups were just a bud.

Open your eyes and see this world,

See how it so much more than hurting and pain.

This world’s all about to loose and gain,

This world’s all about healing and blooming through the pain.


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End it.

If something feels like a burden, discard it.

Toxicity in life begins here, to feel burdened and to be the burden. Relationships are never meant to be carried they are meant to be cherished. End it, if it feels like a burden, just end. If you feel you are being treated as a burden walk off or if someone is becoming a burden for you, let them go. People should not be treated that way, neither you deserve to be treated as a burden nor does the someone else.


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Long time no see.

Hey guys,

Its been forever that i have posted something here. I feel that i have lost my connection from the thing that gave me boost to take my writings public, this blog. And i feel very bad for myself at this moment.

“Where are you? You haven’t posted in a long time, are you okay?”

I made few connections here and those people took a note of my prolonged absence and mailed, messaged me asking the questions above. Rather some were worried am i even alive? Lol. Yes, i am alive. But life’s not easy and sometimes we do loose our connections and change our priorities. The same happened with me. Priorities changed from writing to taking care of the people i love.

As for now, i am going to start posting here again. I would love to know what you guys would want to read from poem and prose.

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Sitting at the window,watching rain pour down is one of the most amazing feeling ever. But is it same for everyone?

There were these days

When i sat

at the window

Watching the rain.

It was my moment

of solace.

Spending hours

Watching it pour down.

Turning brown land,



There’s today

When rains

aren’t the

same to me,

They do not

make me

feel good anymore.

I avoid

watching And

Feeling it.

Just because

It makes

me remember,


Myself Breaking,

and pouring down



and storms,



Just like they do

in rains,

Enjoy it.


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We could have been more.ย 

“We could have been all we ever wanted to be

We could have been the people we aspired to be when we held our hands and promised each other to be. 

You could have been more than what you are,

You could have been a better you, a happier you. 

We could have been the future of us

And all the things in it. 


You chose a different way

The way that parted us miles apart. 

And here we are, 

merely in the past each of us.”

-we could have been more.


Hello guys! I haven’t posted much recently, i’am much into building up things. Share your views and suggestions on this little poem of mine. 

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